The Cell

Using Ogre3d as a  rendering engine, and newton for physics Cell is a short Horror game set in a network of chambers known as “The Cell”

I decided to create The Cell after playing the game Penumbra by Frictional Games Link.

I wanted to attempt something similar, The Cell doesn’t feature gameplay as such, it is graphical demo.

The player can explore the set of chambers and find a way out, while I do have a story for “The-Cell” applying a storyline to it railroads the player and stops them from being able to freely explore.

My intention is to create a second version of The Cell that is purely story driven, and maintain this version as a research platform.

In order to make The Cell I had to develop a new framework to incorporate gui, state’s, menu systems event management shaders and scripting.

The Cell went through a number of revisions, originally starting out on paper as a first person shooter, while I got all of this working, I found the game to be quite generic, I then rebuilt it as a 3rd person action adventure game, and much preferred it, I then removed the weapons from the game, instead favoring an exploration and adventure based approach to the game.

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