Anarcarny -Team Deadweight

For one of my final year university Modules, we formed a group and produced a game during the space of the year, it was a 3d side scrolling Platformer, I built the engine and did the game programming and integration and graphics programming.

The Screenshot shows the main characters of the game in front of the “menu-level” they are rendered using the cell shader I developed. A bloom shader is used give the billboards on the front of the stalls the “glowing look” and the stones on the floor are rendered with a normal mapping shader to give the appearance of high resolution depth.

We had a number of technical and time related issues which meant that the project could not be totally completed. But we made very good progress given the short time span we had to work in.

The Screenshot above was taken at an epic moment of development, the moment when the fabled “stilt-walkers” took their first steps, actually designing and building these characters took an unbelievable amount of effort from Chris, the two of us spent about a week just trying to get a working version of the character into the game, after various issues, and it took a lot of engineering work to get them to work as well due to the difference in animation techniques and physics necessary, also the AI for them was a pain to write, since the stilt-walkers have a very over-elaborate method of turning that is simply genius (nice one again there Chris) . eventually after all of this work, I spawned in a number of stilt-walkers, and they all turned and ran away into the distance, in all their perfectly animated and programmed glory.

The game features 2 levels, menu’s music/sound and physics.

All of the menu’s in the game are basically game levels, for the in-game settings etc, the player walks to the correct stand and is presented with the appropriate options.

In the two screenshots below you can see the main menu with its glowing “Settings” sign and on the editor with the smooth shaded protagonist in front of the stall.

Game Development Group Report : Download Link

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