Personal Project – Emergent Patterns in Artificial Intellegence.

The system I developed made use of two key agents in a hierarchy, the lower agent or “primary” would use the system listed above to discover information about its surroundings, a higher agent or “secondary” could then use the data from the primary in order to make higher level decisions, using a planning system such as STRIPS, the obvious advantage of this is that a number of the agents could have there knowledge of an environment “pooled” into knowledge they could all act on.

The demonstration I developed was to have two rival species competing over resources in an open environment for supremacy, however the violent nature of the simulation wasn’t really suitable for Expo-tees and had to be revised.
My alternative demonstration was to place a number of agents in the world and present them with the opportunity to simply advance freely. Given the exact same core programming a number of agents will all behave differently, and fully autonomously. I found given enough time, the agents would exhibit some very unusual and otherwise hard to implement character traits.

Practical Project Report

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