FPS Demo Prototype – Warscathed Project

When I started development and design, I wasn’t really certain what we needed,

I worked with the team leader “Tyler Trevell”, and we determined what would be useful and what areas would need to potentially change.

The development proved challenging but rewarding,

and vastly improved my understanding of OpenGL, as well as forcing me to take a back seat with the development of the game, and refer ta  designer for guidance. I feel this led to a far greater result in the long run.

Also prototyped here is a “free-aim” system, that I developed to quite good effect, this improved immersion significantly and definitely improved the overall “feel” of the game.

The screenshot shows testing of the prototype “HUD”, of weapons and the city is an art asset.

For the “Warscathed” project we needed a prototype fps game we could use for testing gameplay possibilities.

Artists could also use it to test assets, with out needing to port to engine specific formats, and programmers/designers could use it to determine what engine features would be most useful.

The system was developed from scratch with OpenGL, I chose OpenGL as I was most confident with it at the time, I also wanted to leave the option of cross platform development open.

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