A Differant World – Game Mod

This was one of my earliest game development projects, it was a zombie horror mod built upon Max Payne 2.

After completing Max Payne 2 I found myself being fascinated by the structure of the game, primarily its focus on scripting, and found myself making a number of mods to the game, including various perspective modifications and weapon packs. Eventually, I wanted to take on a larger project with others.

And found a person who wanted to work on “A Different World” I joined and we recruited 2 other people and a webmaster, “A Different World” was born.

I had a great time working on this project handling the vast majority of the coding/scripting work, in doing so rebuilding the AI, creating a gore system,  getting melee weapons to work, and implementing some awesome gun and particle emitter changes.

Unfortunately we were never able to complete it and were only able to release an early development video that proved far more popular than I had ever expected, we didn’t have overly high expectations for the mod nor did we wish to break new ground with it, we simply wanted it to be enjoyable and re-playable. Based on this we succeeded but found ourselves up a dead end in terms of storyline and development direction and were eventually unable to continue.

Now that I look back on the project I realise how unimpressive most of it is, but as one of my first games projects my portfolio website would not be complete without it.

Link To Video

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