Soul Bear /Plushed Over The Edge

Soul Bear is a project I   Developed in collaboration with Chris Nichols.

Chris is a very talented artist I know from university, I worked with him before on Anarcarny. And greatly respect the ammount of effort he puts into his work.

I took  care of the technical side of the project where, Chris looked after the art side.

SoulBear is a 3d side scrolling platformer, that presents a series of puzzle based levels the player must solve in order to progress, what makes SoulBear different to most games of its genre is that the bear has the ability of telekinesis, and can lift/throw objects in order to solve problems and progress.

It features:


Gamepad Support(Thanks Chris)

multiple levels


As I developed “SoulBear” I produced a series of articles, if you are interested you can find them under the “Articles Tab”

Soul Bear Download

Soul Bear Source Code

note: I removed the animated character and reduced the texture resolutions in order to keep the package size down.

The game uses the 3impact games engine, which its self is based on ODE and Directx9.


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