Angry Stan And The Island Of Doom

Ludum Dare is an absolutely great idea, the starting theme for Angry Stan  was islands,  I was a bit stumped at first, but just dived in, and ended up with a game I am pretty happy with, “Angry Stan And The Island Of Doom”.

since I didn’t expect it to be particularly good given the deadline, I focused on making sure  I finished it, and making it funny.

its a really short game and a small download, but its pretty fun I felt it was of good enough quality to share with others, and as a celebration for reaching the 70 download’s marker, I have promoted it to it place in my portfolio:

Since I received so much great feedback, I decided to release the source code,  I hope it helps someone to learn, but remember that this is 48 hour code.

note: there is an issue where the terrain simply shows up as a shadow, this is due to a core problem in the allegro library and there is nothing I can do about it.

Angry Stan And The Island Of Doom Download Link

Angry Stan And The Island Of Doom Source Code Download Link

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