Ants Archive Library – “AAL”

Some time ago I had a requirement for resource file/archive support in a game I was working on,

I considered a number of options including reading the raw data from an xml file, and also looking at existing archive librarys, but struggled to find anything that met my needs, so I built my own,

I decided to call it Ant’s Archive Library or “AAL” for short,

It is basically a wrapper around ZLIB, it means tthat the person using the library does not need to worry about any of the low level archive code and instead can simply include either the source code directly into their project, or build AAL as a library, they can then attatch packages to the system, and extract resources from it, using an abstract linked list datastructure.

  • allmost comically easy to integrate and use
  • a nice system for resource management
  • uses an optional callback system for error handling’
  • Very clear example code included

Download Ants Archive Library -AAL

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