Newest Project – The Verlet Petri Dish

Anyone who knows me knows that I spend a lot of my time doing research.

My office is literally full of books.

After reading countless articles on “Verlet Integration”, and writing my article “Maths Behind Movement”

I decided it was time to write my own verlet system, I have been conceptualising it in my head for a while now, and have been working on it over this week, I have received some very impressive results for my effort.

The verlet integration method is documented all over the place, and I even cover it slightly in my own article, so I will not re-iterate that hear, as I feel many articles already available discuss it far better than i would.

And for anyone who is interested in implementing their own system I have included a number  of good links I used for research at the bottom of the page, and will eventually release my source code for referance aswell.

The main underlying advantage Verlet  has over Euler,  is stability.

The stability in Verlet means that points can be simply repositioned, where this would break the simulation in an Euler model,  this means that simple tensors and springs are very easy to implement, and other mathmatical laws can be implemented into the model trivially, it also has implecations for collision detection and responce.

My system differs from others in that it also includes support for node controllers, these mean that certain nodes can exibit behavior, and basic Ai or simple predefined animation, this can be used allongside the physics system in order to create ragdolls that will have behavior for example.  I am currently adding this into my new samples, and hope to have some impressive demo material for the finished application.

The scene loading is working very well, as is the core implementation.

I am mainly working on refactoring and polishing at the moment.

I am  hoping for between 8 and 10 scenes in one demo, and have received great feedback from the people who have seen the current scenes.

Thank you to the people who have taken the time to test the application and give me feedback.

I have put some simple screenshots on for you to look at.

Thanks -Ant

Verlet String Scene

Low Resolution Verlet Cloth Implementation

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