Verlet Petri – Dish

Verlet Petri Dish:

The Petri Dish is a sample implementation I developed whilst studying Verlet integration.

The Very Simple Underlying Equation for Verlet is:

X’ = x  + x – previous_x;

Y’ = y  + y – previous_y;

What it means is that this doesn’t need the time delta that Euler does. This makes it incredibly stable.

I built a framework of components around it, including controllers and simple constraints, and added them to the HGE rendering engine.

The Sample Contains 8 Differant scenes all demonstrating various features and merits of the implementation.

1: Ballon On a String

2: Klackers

3: Balloons

4: RagDoll Man

5: Verlet Cloth

6:  Newtons Cradle

7: Verlet String Test

8: Tentacle Arm

I am currently tidying the code up so that it can be used in future projects, and will post it here as soon as I am happy with it.

Until then, please feel free to download and try out the Petri -Dish and see if it inspires you to create anything.

I hope you enjoy playing with it as much as I enjoyed building it

Anthony Littlewood’s Verlet Petri Dish

Thanks -Anthony.

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