No Tile Editor Import Library

It was Ludum Dare Weekend again this weekend. Unfortunately,  I have some very persistent friends and was unable to participate, after making a good start in the first few hours, an old friend basically commandeered the rest of my time.

so instead I decided I should spend one day, developing a library that would be useful for next time, then release it so everyone can benefit from it.

Some Time ago, A man called Javier Lopez Lopez, created a fantastic Tutorial on creating a No-tile 2d level editor a lot like the ones used in Braid and Aquaria:

He used IndieLib. I have read through the tutorial plenty of times, but have found his version offers everything I needed, plus  a lot more, and have never been able to justify any improvements, I also felt that IndieLib was not the library I wished to use for my game, and creating an interface across multiple libraries could become problematic.

Since its such a good editor, I decided to use it for LD, and figured that the key issue I should resolve first is the creation of  a file parser for the xml format exported by No-Tile’s.

I did so and have now decided to release it to the community so everyone can make games using Javier’s fantastic tool, as a map editor.

The Lib works based on a derived callback method, this sounds a lot more complex than it truly is, and the whole library is deliberately fast and easy to implement and use, I managed to get the whole pipeline including tinting, rotation and collision detection working with HGE in under an hour.

Again all credit for the editor goes to Javier Lopez.

I hope you enjoy using this library as much I as I enjoyed building it.

Thanks -Anthony

No Tile Editor Import Library Download

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