Cfia Collective Agreement 2014

By: PSAC and Treasury Board have reached a preliminary agreement for the Technical Services (TC) group which has more than 11,000 public service employees. After a significant delay due to the cancellation of three bargaining meetings by the employer in recent months, we will return to the bargaining table with CFIA on June 20. Our bargaining team looks forward to a productive meeting and to working sooner rather than later on a negotiated solution and a fair agreement. You can vote by phone or online on the provisional agreement. As stated above, you must attend an information meeting before the vote. The employer proposed an agreement on the management of sick leave to allow for discussions. Our bargaining agent, the Public Utilities Alliance of Canada, is preparing a ratification kit containing a detailed presentation of the treaty amendments, which will be published online shortly. In the meantime, an overview of the main points of the provisional agreement here. Read the ratification kit, including the preliminary agreement (PDF) PA: We have reached an agreement to supplement the non-discrimination clause in the collective agreement with gender identity..

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