Completion Agreement

the execution of: (a) a grant closing agreement between HUD and the beneficiary; or (b) a grant closeout in lieu of the agreement between HUD and the recipient. Shortly after the insolvency court approved the application for customer programs, the debtors sought authority to enter into the customer project clearance agreement with consumers Energy Company of November 8, 2018 (the “Consumer Agreement”). In addition, the financial statement report and the statement of accounts report were found to be acceptable and all outstanding monitoring results were either resolved or can be addressed in the closing agreement. If the postal audit is not required, the parties agree to enter into a project closure agreement in order to formally finalize the project and resolve any outstanding issues related to the agreement. Prior to the date of the petition, the debtors had also negotiated a contract for the conclusion of customer projects with consumers. Ilijan – Project Closing Agreement (delivery) dated November 16, 2001 by and between Raytheon, Mitsubishi and suppliers. copies of exported investor letters, as attached to Annex D if such an investor letter is required, as defined by the songwriter; and (t) executed copies of the true-up agreement, acquisition agreement, declaration of acceptance, agreement of conclusion, continuous disclosure agreement and assignment of warranties. . The antenna shall keep a copy of the financial statement report, the Grant Closeout Status Report, the grant closing agreement or the close-out instead of the full agreement and the Certificate of Completion. .

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