Speech Cooperation Agreement

Today, we are honored to have the chance to work with ASTRI to create this joint research and development center. This joint research center will focus on advanced imaging technology that includes glasses-free 3D, virtual reality (VR), advanced reality (AR) and artificial intelligence (AI). Thanks to this research cooperation, we have the opportunity to develop our activities in these areas. We look forward to rapidly developing innovative products in this area. On the other hand, to make our products competitive, we have planned to create a professional IC design team. Through this joint research centre, ASTRI will help us achieve our mission; As we all know, astri is quite abandoned in IC design in the Asia-Pacific region. We have been working with ASTRI for the past three years and we have had a very happy relationship in recent years. We hope that this Join Lab will allow us to remain at the forefront of technology in the years to come. We look forward to continuing this happy relationship with ASTRI in the years to come. On behalf of Kyoto University, I would like to express to all my deepest esteem for your friendly cooperation so far and for my great desire to promote cooperation in the future. We have many important opportunities to promote faculty-specific cooperation between our universities in different fields of knowledge. And one of the important areas of our cooperation is, I think, the theme of a sustainable society.

The United Nations is committed to building a sustainable society and sustainable human development is a central theme of the United Nations University. This is also an important academic issue at Kyoto University. Ladies and gentlemen, today we are signing a new aid agreement to further support our Dominican friends, which will open a new page for friendship and cooperation between China and Dominica. The agreement shows China`s strong support for Dominica`s social and economic development, Dominica`s post-hurricane reconstruction, as well as Prime Minister Dr. Skerrit`s vision of “building back better” and “building the world`s first climate-resilient country.” We look forward to the Dominican government`s project proposal. ICTs are of great importance for the promotion of national development, which is why all countries around the world attach great importance to ICT development. In Zambia`s recent Seventh National Development Plan, ICTs have been identified as a critical catalyst for socio-economic development and as an impetus for good governance and are therefore recognized as one of the national priority areas. . . .

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