Uk Australia Agreement

Eight NGOs interviewed made public procurement a priority and eight respondents expressed concern in their comments. Many interviewees called for clauses in the agreement so that the UK government and other public authorities can prioritise purchases from local suppliers (e.g.B the food industry), pursue social and environmental objectives and support ethical sourcing initiatives. These clauses should promote decent working conditions and quality food from the region. In this context, several opinions expressed reservations about the fact that a future free trade agreement does not allow this type of prioritization. Before Brexit, Australia and Britain were on track for a free trade agreement by alternates as part of Australia`s negotiations with the European Union. Several NGOs expressed concern about the possible erosion of preferential access for developing countries to the UK market as a result of tariff liberalisation between the UK and Australia. This document is a summary of what interviewees said during the consultation on trade negotiations with Australia (the consultation). The findings of the responses to this consultation (summarized in this document) are highlighted in the Government`s overall approach to our future trade relationship with Australia, including our approach to negotiating a trade agreement. As we consider completing our negotiating objectives, we will continue to actively consider feedback from the consultation to support this work.

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