New Inkscape Extension And Importer Library

I use the Open Source SVG Editor Inkscape, for loads of things,Its absolutely fantastic, and for a long time I have wondered about using it for a level editor.

The only problem I have always had with it was that the svg format is quite difficult to parse so getting anything made in Inkscape into a game or another tool can be very difficult and time consuming.

Since Inkscape has a fantastic extension system, I wrote a python script that would read only relevant information from the scene then output it into a far simpler xml format.

I then wrote a generic interface and parser library for reading this format back in, this basically means that a user can get a very easy to use and very easy to modify interface to Inkscape.

Both the extension and the library were written in under 24 hours as part of the runup to the Ludum Dare competition.


AntsInkscape Library

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