Sprite Scanner

From time to time I find myself wanting to work on a 2d game, and for a long time I found myself stuck spending hours of my time attempting to create sprite sheets that ended up looking absolutely terrible.

Anyone who has done this will know how terribly frustrating it can become if you aren’t an artist by nature, eventually I would just find a 3d model, of course this would then mean that the whole game would have to be moved over to 3d which would take even longer.

Eventually I had an idea; how about if I could take a series of images of the 3d model and use them in the 2d game instead,  Brilliant. The problem then became, how can I make this process easier and faster, how could I set this process off automatically and leave it to run.

After spending a great deal of time, designing I came up with “SpriteScanner” the animated model can be imported , the camera positioned, the frame range and offset set, and the export button pressed, the user goes away for a while, when they come back they have a high resolution sprite set.

Download SpriteScanner

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